how we choose what products to design

Our childhood memories are some of the best memories we have. Outside playdays become adventures, cartoon characters become heroes and toys become treasures. As we were once kids too (one might even say we still are) we also did our own discoveries and cherished our own treasures. Now we are using these memories to choose our products. We are designing new treasures inspired by our old ones.


Enjoy reading the stories behind our products!

The lost frog.

Once upon a time there was this little boy. He couldn't have been much older than six or seven years. If you were looking for him, you could probably find him somewhere near the water. Armed with his butterfly net and bucket he was always looking to find small animals. Frogs were his favorite. At school he used to secretly go down to the basement to rescue frogs that had fallen down the open basement windows at floor level. every time he turned up in class with a hand full of frogs, the teachers were stupefied. They would tell him not to go down the basement again and to make sure he would come right back to school as soon as he released the frogs at the stream nearby. On weekends he continued his rescue work by saving frogs that got themselves imprisoned in storm drains.


There was only one frog he couldn't rescue. One frog he lost. The frog that lived on his jacket. This tiny green frog shaped pin his mom got him. It was a true treasure. And it was this frog that jumped out of his reach when playing on the playground at the home for the elderly where his great-grandmother lived. He discovered the loss the next day and Even went back to with his father. Together searching for his lost frog in the sand. Desperately hoping they would find it. But they never did ...

now, more than thirty years later, the frog is back! Reincarnated in our own Cubey style. Ready to be worn by the froggies of today! (and of course by the boy who will never admit it but might have just started Cubey only to get his frog back ;)

Old hobbies die hard.

Coming soon!

Crazy artsy mom.

once upon a time there was an adult boy who had the strangest habit. He couldn't pass a postcard DISPLAY STAND without checking it out. but not the ones at your average supermarket or commercial bookstore of course. No, the ones you find in those beautiful, little stores, where you know chances are you'll find something really special. 


But how does habit like this originate you might wonder. Well, the boy likes to blame it on his crazy artsy mom...

You see, The boy's mother was a painter and she knew everything there was to know about art. She also collected arty postcards. Not to keep for herself, but to send to friends and family. So when the boy finished highschool and went away to college, his crazy artsy mom began sending him artsy postcards too. And not just on his birthday, oh no, She didn't need a special occasion to him send her cards. if she found a card Worth sending, she would just write something down and send it:


"Aren't these beautifully painted frogs?",

"this is the goldfinch by Fabritius, but you should know that already",

"if you want to learn how to paint cats, Henriette ronner is the woman to learn it from".


But also other things like:

"stop bringing your dirty laundry with you every visit, I'm not your maid"

"Are You coming home this weekend? I've got chores."

"Hello? Are You there?"

and so the Years passed, the pile of postcards grew bigger and bigger and the boy got older and grew up to become some kind of an artist himself, creating a cute little animal related kidsbrand. And with a box full of crazy artsy mom postcards, he just had to add postcards to the selection. 

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